Is AI a future of computer science ?

We can say that Artificial intelligence (AI) might be the most precious technology we ever develop.Assuring it is safe and used beneficially is one of the best ways we can defend the long term future. 

Is AI a future of computer science

AI is already extremely powerful: it determines who receives welfare, whether a loan is approved, and whether a job applicant is interviewed (which may even be conducted by an AI).

It also serves as a research tool. In 2020, an AI system called AlphaFold made a "colossal leap" toward solving protein folding problems that scientists have been working on for decades.

Despite these impressive achievements, AIs do not always do what we expect. When OpenAI trained a CoastRunners agent, they rewarded it for increasing its points, expecting it to finish the race as quickly as possible. As seen in the video below, the AI instead realises it can increase its score by repeatedly hitting the same goal, never reaching the finish line.

Unintended consequences like these are unfortunately not limited to amusing failures in old video games.

Amazon used artificial intelligence to screen resumes in the hopes of improving the fairness and efficiency of their hiring process. They instead discovered that the AI was biassed against women. It penalised resumes that included words like "women's" and "netball," while praising language more commonly used by men, such as "executed" and "captured." This was not intended, but it may be of little consolation to the women whose applications were denied due to their gender.

It is already difficult to ensure that AI is used to benefit everyone, and it is critical that we get it right. As AI grows in power, so does its potential to impact our economy,Politics, culture, and so on. This has the potential to be either very good or very bad. On the one hand, AI could aid in the advancement of science and technology, allowing us to address the world's most pressing issues. On the other hand, powerful but uncontrollable AI systems ("misaligned AI") could be disastrous for humanity. Given the stakes, we believe that working toward beneficial AI is a high-priority cause worth supporting, especially if you care about the long-term future.

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