How To Fix Broken Headphones Plastic | Full Guide

Are you a clumsy person? who breaks his/her headphone and now want to know how to fix broken headphone plastic. Then, you are at the right place.

Because I had also broken my headphone too and I know how to fix it. So, don't worry! you don't have to buy a new pair.

I have a solution which will definitely help you to fix your broken headphones plastic. So read the full article carefully.

How To Fix Broken Headphones Plastic

How To Fix Broken Headphones Plastic With Superglue

Fixing your broken headphones plastic isn't a hard job as you guys think it is. You just need a couple of things which you will find easily at your home or nearby shops and of course the guide which I will provide you.

Step 1. Collect the Below Given Items

To fix your broken headphones plastic you just need these items such as Superglue, wood glue, cotton and a scissor.

Step 2. Collect Broken Pieces

Once you have all these items. Now, it time to collect and separate the broken piece of your headphones.

Step 3. Apply the Superglue on the Cotton

Make some small balls(3-4) with cotton and dip each ball in superglue.

Step 4. Apply Superglue

Take a cotton ball which you have dipped in superglue and apply it between the broken pieces of your headphones.

Step 5. Extra Layer

Apply the extra layer of wooden glue on the top of the coated superglue for the extra protection.

Step 6. Leave it to Dry

Once you applied the extra layer of wooden glue. Now, it's time to dry the headphone, so leave it to dry for an hour or if you are a hasty person then you can use a blow dryer to dry it fast.

Step 7. Double Layer

Once the headphones is dried. Now it time to apply the another layer of superglue and leave it again to dry. So that you won't break it again.

Step 8. Apply Tape 

Use the tape which will match your headphones color and apply it on your headphones. Then, cut the unnecessary tape with the help of scissor.

After done these all step. Now, its time to wait for the final result. Leave the headphone for a day or two.

How To Fix Broken Headphones Plastic With Superglue & Baking Soda 

How To Fix Broken Headphones Plastic

If your not satisfy with the above producer and want a better fixing method. Then, you can follow these advance steps to fix your broken headphones plastic.

This method will fix your headphones in no time (within 6-7 seconds).Because Cyanoacrylate(superglue) and bicarbonate molecules(baking soda) makes the power full bond which can fix anything instantly.

Step 1. Collect the Materials

Step 2. Apply Superglue

Apply superglue to the broken pieces or where you want to fix. Now to the next step.

Step 3. Apply Baking Soda

After applying the superglue, take the baking soda with the help of toothpick and apply it on Superglue. Do these steps 3-4 times for better result.

Step 4. Wait

Once you done these steps 3-4 times. Now wait for 6-7 Second and Boom! your headphones is good as new.

Note: Do not apply the superglue where your headphones can rotate or move. Otherwise your headphones will stuck.

How To Fix Broken Headphones Audio

Make sure that your headphones really broke in audio. To find that we have two methods:

1. Try it on different Devices

Don't always blame the headphones only, it might be the device problem which causes you audio issue. So, plug in your headphones with different devices and try to see if the audio issue is occurring now and if not then the problem lies in your previous device.

2. Try to hear better quality sounds

If you are facing a poor sound quality experience, then use a high quality audio platforms such as YouTube and Spotify.

If these method can't solve your sound issue. Then the problem lies within your headphones. So, we have gathered some issues list below which you may be experiencing and also we have solutions for that.

Cause and Solution

1. No sound in bluetooth headphone


1. Outdated audio driver may be the cause of no sound issue.
2. A specific audio setting can affect your volume setting in your device.


1. Try troubleshoot on your PC
2. Restart your Bluetooth headphones.

2. Unpleasant Sounds


1. Drop your headphones on ground or steps on it, through at your bed, etc.
2. Dust may be the cause for unpleasant.
3. Always playing audio at high volume or use wrong setting for headphone amps which cause your drivers to blow out.


Fix your headphones Driver

3. Works one side of the headphones only


1. This cause occurs when there is a short-circuit in your headphones wire or may be the manufacturing issue.
2. Improper balance of audio settings in your device.


Is this issue really coming from your headphones? To check follow the steps:

1. Restart your device which you are using.
2. Clean your device jack.
3. Correct your audio setting.

4. Hear echo in headphones


1. It can be a software setting which cause artificial noises because they have Pre-installed sound-enhancing or sound-correcting features.
2. Sometimes your mic is the one who cause this echo problem by absorbing your own speakers high volume.
3. Using a standalone mic on a place where it absorbs most unwanted noise can be a cause of echoing.


1. Go to 'Control Panel' > 'Sound'.
2. On Sound Window, Click on 'Recording' tab > 'Primary Input Device'.
3. Then, Click on 'Properties' on the right side at bottom.
4. On microphone properties window, then click on 'Listen' tab and confirm that the checkbox next to 'Listen to this device' is unchecked.

5. Sound delay in bluetooth headphones


1. Different bluetooth version in your device and bluetooth headphones because they support different versions. 
2. The usage of wrong audio codecs may be the cause of delay in your bluetooth headphones.


1. Use the right audio codecs which supports your both device or bluetooth headphone.
2. Use the version which supports both your bluetooth headphone and devices.


Ques:- Can Fevikwik stick headphones?
Ans:- Fevikwik is usually used for small things to fix. However if you want to fix a broken headphone plastic. Then should use superglue such as Clear Co 444 Adhesive.
Ques:- Can hard plastic be repaired?
Ans:- Yes, hard plastic can be repaired. If you use a right product like Bostik. It is a best hard plastic glue. 

Ques:- Why use baking soda with super glue?
Ans:- This method will fix your headphones in no time (within 6-7 seconds). Because Cyanoacrylate(superglue) and bicarbonate molecules(baking soda) makes the power full bond which can fix anything instantly.


In conclusion, we provide you the guide on how to fix broken headphone plastic. So, if this guideline helps you to fix your headphones somehow, then its my pleasure and if not, then you can ask your nearby repairs help.

"Have a Nice Day"

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