How to Turn Off Beats Solo 3 and Beats Solo Pro | Easy Guide

Beats Solo headphones are the excellent choice for anyone who uses headphones everyday because of its features such as long battery. However, some people can't turn them off properly. Therefore, In this article we give the guide of how to turn off Beats Solo 3 and Beats Solo Pro headphones.

If you don't turn them off and leave them on, this way it affects its battery and will drain your headphones charge quickly. So always turn off your Beats headphones after using them, so that they last long.

How to Turn Off Beats Solo 3

How To Turn Off Beats Solo 3 Headphones Using Power Button?

To turn off your beats solo 3 headphones, you just need to press the power button of your headphones for 3-4 seconds and your headphones will turn off. However, in some case they won't turn off because of various reasons such as:
  • Power button of your headphones not working properly
  • Defect on power button of your headphones 
  • Your device may not disconnect properly

Why my Beats Solo 3 Won’t Turn Off?

If you try the above method using the power button to turn off your beats solo 3 headphones and still they won't turn off. Then, you should go with these methods which are given below:
  • Reset your Beats Solo 3
  • Disconnect Properly
  • Charge your Headphone and Press the power button
  • Update Firmware
  • Remove Battery

Method 1. Reset Beats Solo 3

The first thing to do when your device is not working properly is to reset it. Because their may be a bug or glitch in a software which causing problem in your device. So, reset your Beats Solo 3 headphones by following these steps:
  • Press the power and volume button simultaneously for 10 seconds.
  • Release both buttons and you can see the LED light flashes.
  • Your Beats Solo 3 headphones are now reset.
After resetting, your device will refresh and it will forget all the devices which have been connected to your headphones. So you have to connect your devices again with your beats headphones.

Method 2. Disconnect Properly

If your headphones still won't turn off. Then, there is a possible factor that stops them to turn it off. Eg. if you have connected your headphones with multiple devices, then their might a device which is still connected to your headphones.

So, its a good thing to disconnect your headphones with all the devices so that it won't stop your headphones to turn off. Be sure to unplugged the audio jack from other devices and also remove your beats app from your devices. Sometimes, it may stop your headphones from turning off.

Also remove your beats headphones from the pairing lists on your devices.

Method 3. Charge your Beats Solo 3 headphones and Press the Power Button

If your headphones still refuses to turn off. Then, charging may be the issue. So, plug in the beats headphones into the charger. While charging press the power button of the headphones for 20 seconds. 

Then, remove the headphones from charging and pair them to your device. After it pairs successfully, now unpair them from the device and try to turn it off.

Method 4. Update Firmware

There is a chance that your headphones firmware is outdated. Because of this, its not response to you the way as they were new. Therefore, you have to update the firmware on your headphones.

To update the firmware on Android. Follow these steps:

1. Download the Beats app from Google Play Store in your Android device and then pair your headphones with the beats app.

2. Now, you have to set things and check the notification tab.

3. If the app recommend you to update the firmware, then update it by following the instructions on the screen.

4. Do not close the app until the updating is successful. Otherwise, update will be fail and won't update the firmware.

Now, to update firmware in iPhone. Follow these steps:

1. You should have the latest version of iOS on your device.

2. Next, download the Beats pill+ app on your device and do things as the app tells you.

3. After completing the updating process, now you can turn off your Beats Solo 3 headphones.

Method 5. Remove Battery

Removing the battery can solve your problem but it also have consequences like it may affect your headphones. Therefore, this is a last resort if none of the above methods works. So before doing that, you should think about it.

1. Simply just remove the battery of your beats headphones and then they will turn off automatically.

2. After that, replace the battery and turn on the headphones.

3. To turn on the headphones, press the power button for few seconds.

Why my Beats Solo 3 Turn Off Randomly?

This issue usually happens in winter season, when you using your headphones in outside places where temperature is low. But if you go to a warm place and warm them a little bit, then they will work again and back to life.

Old headphones cause this type of problem when they comes in a contact of low temperature. Because, low temperature drains batteries quickly. That's why you Beats solo 3 turn off randomly.

Differences Between Beats Solo 3 and Solo Pro

FeatureBeats Solo 3Beats Solo Pro
Active Noise CancellingNoYes
Transparency ModeNoYes
Battery LifeUp to 40 hoursUp to 22 hours with ANC, Up to 40 hours without
Fast ChargingYes, 5-minute charge gives 3 hours of playYes, 10-minute charge gives 3 hours of play
ControlsPhysical buttonsTouch Controls
H1 ChipNoYes
Hey Siri/Google AssistantYesYes
ColorsMultiple options availableFewer options available
Note: The specific details and features of the Beats Solo 3 and Solo Pro models may vary depending on the country and region where they are sold, and the information provided in this table is based on general specifications.

How to Turn Off Beats Solo Pro

Turning off your Beats Solo Pro headphones is a easy task because of its folding feature. You just need to search for hinges above the ear cups and fold them in. After that, on the right ear cup the LED light will turn off and this way your headphones will turn off.

How to Turn Off Beats Solo Pro Without Folding

Turning off them by folding it is a good feature. However, if you want to turn off your headphones without folding it. Then, you can put them in their case and they will go to the sleep mode. But, you have to make sure that they are Idle by its sensors.


Ques:- Do You Have to Turn Off Beats Solo 3?

Ans:- Yes, you have turn off beats solo 3 headphones because of various benefits such as:

  • Long battery life
  • Fix audio issues by turning off
  • Cool down your headphones, if you using them for long period of time.

Ques:-Do Beats Solo 3 turn off automatically?

Ans:- No, you have to turn them off manually. There is no automatic turn off feature in Beats Solo 3 headphones.


In this article, we guide you how to turn off beats solo 3 and beats solo pro headphones. There are many ways to turn off beats headphones. The most common method is to use the power button located on the right ear cup. You can also use the beats app, volume buttons or reset the headphones to their default settings if they are not responding properly.

Additionally, turning off bluetooth mode on all paired devices can also turn off your headphones. Following these simple steps can help you to preserve battery life of your beats solo 3 headphones and ensure that they remain in good working condition.

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