Where is L3 on PS4 Controller? | Revealed!

If you're new to play on PlayStation, then you may have wonder some time where is L3 button on PS 4 controller. 
Finding this button can be challenge, especially if you're used to playing on different gaming consoles. But worry not; because we're here to provide some guidance.

We'll explain the purpose of this L3 button in gaming and show you where it is on the PS 4 controller in this blog post.

Where is L3 on PS4 Controller

Where is L3 on PS4 Controller?

It's actually pretty simple to find the L3 button on PS4 controller, once you know where to look. Even though the button itself isn't labeled.


You can find it by looking at the left stick analog. To activate the L3 button, all you have to do is press the left stick analog like a button. After that you can hear a satisfying click, which means you have successfully pushed the button.

What L3 Button Can Do on PS4 Controller?

When it comes to adventure games on the PS4, the L3 button is often designated for specific actions like sprinting or executing special moves while in motion. 

This is because most games use the L Analog stick for player or character movement, making it logical to assign the L3 button to an extended action that complements the L Analog's control scheme.

By doing so, game developers ensure that gamers do not have to shift their fingers to a different set of controls for the extended action of their in-game characters. 

This improves the overall gaming experience and allows the players to enjoy themselves more fully in the game environment, without having to worry about challenging button combinations or uncomfortable finger movements.

When playing FIFA, the L3 button is typically used in conjunction with the R3 button to focus solely on the player you want to control. This function allows the artificial intelligence to take control of all the other players on your team, freeing you up to focus on making plays with your selected player.

Interestingly, not all games utilize the L3 button in this way. In fact, some PlayStation games may ignore the L3 button altogether and not assign any specific controls to it. This can make the button feel a bit useless at times.

Where is L3 on PS4 Controller

And, If you are confuse about how the L3 button functions in the game you're playing, it's always a good idea to refer to your gaming guide or manual. This will help you understand how to use all the features and controls of the game effectively, including the L3 button.

Can you use L3 and Analog Button Simultaneously?

Yes, you can use the L analog and the L3 button simultaneously while playing, which is useful in certain scenarios like doing something specific while also moving your character around.

For instance, many first-person shooter games require players to use both the L Analog and the L3 Button to sprint and move at the same time. Similarly, racing games often necessitate the use of the L Analog for steering and the L3 Button to toggle headlights on or activate nitrous.

Those who have mastered the art of using these controls together tend to have a competitive edge over other gamers. By utilizing both controls seamlessly, they're able to move quickly and accurately while still executing complex actions.

How to Customize L3 Button on PS4 Controller?

Well, with just a few simple steps, you can easily customize the L button on your PS controller to your liking.

Firstly, to customize the L button for most games, you need to access the button configuration menu. You can do this by going to the settings either during gameplay by pressing the pause button or before gameplay during the configuration settings of your game. Once you have accessed the settings, look for the button configuration menu. For most game, you should be able to remap what each button does. Look for L3 button and remap it to the controls you like.

However, for some other games, the button configuration is set once the game begins playing. In this case, you can usually find an option to change this in your game’s main menu or settings menu. Once you have found the button configuration menu, you can simply select the L button and remap it to your desired control.

Customizing the L button on your PS controller can help you play more comfortably and efficiently, especially if you're someone who prefers a certain playstyle. So, if you haven't tried customizing your controller yet, then you can give it a try and see how it enhances your gaming experience!

L3 Button on Other Gaming Controllers

On the Xbox One controller, the L3 button is located below the left thumbstick. This placement allows gamers to access the button quickly and easily without having to take their thumbs off the sticks. 

Also, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller has a similar layout to the Xbox One controller, with the L3 button also located below the left thumbstick.

If you enjoys playing games on multiple platforms, then having an understanding of the L3 button's placement and functionality on different controllers can be beneficial. Knowing where the button is located and how it works can help you to quickly adapt to different controllers.

Is the R3 Opposite of L3 on the PS4 Controller?

Yes, the R3 is opposite of the L3 on the PS4 controller and located on the right side of your gaming controller, just below your right thumbstick. 

Similar to the L button, the R button is designed to perform special actions in-game. Depending on the game you are playing, the R3 button may be mapped to perform different actions. It's important to check the control settings of the game you are playing to know exactly what the R3 button does.

Interestingly, even though the L3 and R3 buttons are opposites, they are sometimes pressed together in certain games to produce a super move. This all depends on how the game company developers have mapped the controls.

Troubleshooting L3 Issues on your Controller

If you're experiencing some issues with your controller. Then, the most common issues you might facing can be a malfunctioning L3 button. Which can be pain full, especially when you're in the middle of an intense game. But fortunately, there are a few remedies that you can try to get your L3 button working again.

Loss of Responsiveness

Loss of responsiveness is the most common issues that you might have experience with your L3 button. If your L button suddenly becomes unresponsive, the first thing you should check is your controller's battery level. Make sure it isn't running low, as this can cause the L3 button to stop functioning. 

Also, By hitting the reset button on the back of the controller, can fix this problem. And If these methods doesn't work, then you have to take it to your near by PlayStation specialist who can take it apart and figure out what's wrong.

Sprint Glitch

Another common issue that you might have experience with your L3 button is so-called "sprint glitch." This occurs when the build-up of debris within the your controller causes the L3 button to stop functioning properly. 

To solve this, you need to clean your controller regularly. Or you can also try moving the L thumbstick multiple times in every conceivable direction(Left, Right, Up and Down), including pressing it and lifting it up. If this doesn't work, Then, take it to your nears PlayStation specialist to disassemble it and clean it up.

Damaged Thumbstick

A damaged thumbstick can also cause your L3 button to be unresponsive. And If you've tried cleaning your controller and resetting it, but the issue still occurs, Then it may be a good time to change your controller.

Unrecognized Controller

Sometimes not only the L3 button but the complete controller will fail to register properly on the PlayStation console. And If this happens, try resetting both your controller and your PS console. If this also doesn't work, then there may be a problem with the controller's Bluetooth, and you will need to get it checked by your near PlayStation specialist.


Ques:- How do I clean my L3 PS4 controller?

Ans:- To clean, move the L3 analog multiple times in every conceivable direction(Left, Right, Up and Down), including pressing it and lifting it up the analog.

Ques:- What is the L3 button on PS5?

Ans:- L3 button on PS5 is used to activate the player's in-game movement like Sprinting.

Ques:- What causes stick drift?

Ans:- There are a couple of natural causes that can lead to the stick drift such as dust and debris that can accumulate inside your controller over time. Food particles, pet fur, and your dead skin are the things which can find their way into your controller and interfere with its functioning. 

Ques:- How do you stop stick drift?

Ans:- By cleaning the buttons on your controller regularly can stop the stick drift.


In Conclusion, we discuss where the L3 button on PS4 controller - L3 is a vital component that plays a key role in many games. Its placement beneath the L Analog thumbstick makes it easy to access during gameplay, but it also means that it can wear out faster than other buttons.

And If you're experiencing issues with your L3 button, Then there are a few things which you can try at home before resorting to your nears PlayStation specialist help. For instance, you can try to clean your button to remove any debris or dust that may be interfering with your controller's functionality. Also, you can try adjusting your controller's sensitivity settings to see if that works. Hopefully, this article have been informative and useful for you.

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